SMDC Webinar Series

Upcoming Events

Customer Acquisition for B2C & B2B
Thursday April 22nd , 2021
4:00 pm (Beirut Time)

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking.
Thursday May 6th , 2021
4:00 pm (Beirut Time)

Previous Events

Value Re-Builder Before Re-Starting
Friday 19 March 2021
3 pm (Beirut Time)

Fill the Gap to Reach Sales Targets
Thursday 04 March 2021
5:00 pm (Beirut Time)

How to Productize your Service
Thursday 25 February 2021
3:00 pm (Beirut Time)

Business Planning for Success in Crisis
Thursday 25 March 2021
5:00 pm (Beirut Time)

EFQM Business Excellence Model
Thursday 1st April 2021
4:00 pm (Beirut Time)

Digital Business in the Era of Covid
Thursday 15th April 2021
4:00 pm (Beirut Time)